mister motherf*cker

hate it when you type a full entry and your pc hangs on you... let me see if i can recap what i wrote...

been browsing thru some friends blogs and seems like love is in the air... congrats to sakthy...

i for one am someone who doesn't believe in it anymore. don't get me wrong. i'm happy to see that my friends still do. i am in a relationship yet i am unable to expend all my trust on one person like i used to do before... guess there is too much hurt to get over.

"judge me for what i do , yet punish me even more..."
rings true for my situation... god and his damn sitcoms...

to those who tuned in xfresh to catch my show, my apoligies. it seems that i have mixed up the timing of the show and it instead the other way round. sat 5-6 and sun 10-11. could've sworn i was told the other way though...

i played six songs and they were...
1 : vegam vivegam - hyprkinetix
(these guys believed in me enough to feature me in the title song of their debut album... thx guys...)
2 : gerek - phatnatrix
(still the best malay rap song i've heard in malaysia...)
3 : let's get crunk - k-town clan
(kajang rocks)
4 : sleepy head - jason lo
(my fav local song at the current time)
5 : kehendak naluri - dragon red feat mister tech
(listen to it first... i'm hooked!)
6 : legend of boo - c.loco feat ukiko suzuki
(had to play my song)

i talked a bit about the music industry and also thanked my fans and friends... later...

word of the day...

• noun
1 firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.
2 acceptance of the truth of a statement without evidence or investigation.
3 the state of being responsible for someone or something.
4 law an arrangement whereby a person (a trustee) is made the nominal owner of property to be held or used for the benefit of one or more others.
5 a body of trustees, or an organization or company managed by trustees.

• verb
1 have trust in.
2 (trust with) have the confidence to allow (someone) to have, use, or look after.
3 (trust to) commit (someone or something) to the safekeeping of.
4 (trust to) place reliance on (luck, fate, etc.).
5 have confidence; hope: I trust that you have enjoyed this book.


oh what tangled webs we weave...

in retrospect to my previous post...

. says:
so does the ***** revelation mean you're not going to go after her?
. says:
it's funny sial
. says:
like the ending of an m night shyamalan movie
. says:
all the pieces fitting together
mavice playtoy : i'm loco till i'm dead, enough said. says:
mavice playtoy : i'm loco till i'm dead, enough said. says:
mavice playtoy : i'm loco till i'm dead, enough said. says:
no i'm not

m night shyamalan movie ending... before this, my life was a sitcom... now it's a full fledged movie... i was on x fresh's am jam in the morning as well as access show with jfk. also i'm x fresh's bintang celebrity of the week. i got one hour where i talk and play songs i want to play... hehehhe catch me on air at 10-11 pm on this saturday and 5-6 pm on sunday... later...


funny things that happens to me...

part 1...

i just found out earlier that someone whom i've been adoring since i've seen her is actually one of my old friend's ex girlfriend.
random fact 1:
she was his first love.
random fact 2:
i've met her before!
random fact 3:
she's been in my car before.
random fact 4:
i never equated that xxxxxx is actually the xxxxxx that i met a long time ago...
random fact 5:
pantang kawan... guess i'll move on to jojo stryus...

*sigh* later...



happy deepavali and selamat hari raya to all...

imagine i spend around rm 15 every year sms'ing ppl to wish them... i think it's worth it...