did you see that incredible neil mellor goal? that just made my day... f*cking made my day. good to see arsenal lose. even f*cking better to watch them lose to liverpool! mellor's my nigga! later...


oh, be still my beating heart...

was just at a play... haven't gone to one in ages... seems so long ago...

the play was called the smell of language + notes on love & life & painting . they had a slight impression on me, the first one being more anglo, as my date clarissa put it, and the second one, the actor's facial expression was nice... just that near the end where he tries to tug at the heart strings, it didn't really work for me...

lots of time has passed by since i last wrote... the time between post is getting more and more sparse... wish it wasn't so. my fav twins are back, more like the only twins i personally know, besides kish & kin. rudy and sean as well as small ben is back for the holidays. fun times all around...

i was sent to work in plaza metro kajang last week, was a trip down memory lane. the place hasn't changed much. funny how when u go back to the place you really grow up, it doesn't really affect you. maybe it was just me. and that i am a different person than the one that was here a long time ago. makes sense? made sure i went to kathy to play one round of videogames before i went off...

raya was nice. i worked! bkt raja shopping complex. i felt bad for the muslims who had to work during raya. it's supposed to be a time to celebrate. guess without them the whole complex would have grinded to a halt... i wore my baju melayu top on the second day, a few raised eyebrows and suddenly the malay girls paid me lots more attention... *smiles* funny...

malaysian annual hip hop bash 2004! disappointing... i was supposed to be the emcee and then they had to postpone it. too bad. damn sponsors. anyway i did emcee during the preview party in bar ibiza aka a larger version of dv8. my goodness... no wonder the malay guys flock there. its like hot malay chick heaven! and the podiums! reminded me of spearmint rhinos, the strip club i went to in london...

daryl offered me a part time job though. to be his official emcee... this friday, bar code. bring all your homes! support me while i audition being his emcee... if it works out, i'd get paid more...

jasmin... sweet jasmin... happy belated birthday... hope the card was good enough of a birthday present for you... sorry i couldn't stay for the dinner...

talking of batmans... i was bat signalled twice the other day. during the same night. man! how does ol brucie do it?

when u crave for affection, you get none. when you least expect it, it rushes in... from more than one source i might add. i have to be careful what i wish for. like tech says, i want it all...

knew i had more to say and yet my mind blanks out on me. i'm sure when i walk to the car i'll go dang, should've wrote about this and that... later...


long time no see...

it's been awhile since i wrote anything here... been busy or when i wasn't, just did not have the money to go online. even now i'm at joe's place again... lotsa things occurred in the meantime... lets see if i can recap em all...

1: the cleo 9th birthday bash
performed for cleo's 9th birthday bash. 5th nov in zouk. i know a lot of ppl, who found out later that i performed, were mad at me cos i didn't tell them about it cos they wanted to come watch. i'm sincerely sorry. it was a last minute thing. thx to jimbo. or james baum to the world. i featured on his performance and we practised the night before on what to perform. he roped in the other performer of the night, another solo emcee by the name of mc size, to perform with us as well. the day didn't start off well as i woke up late. only managed to get to zouk at 3 pm. soundcheck was supposed to be at 1. pat was there and seemed surprised to see me. it's nice to see the former editor and now publisher for cleo magazine after so long... in that 2 years i haven't seen her, she got married and has a kid now. wow! time sure passes by fast.
finished soundcheck at 4 and decided to follow jimbo back to his place to burn all the minus one songs onto one cd. god/nature had other plans. the rain started getting worse and we were stuck in a massive traffic jam. in fact we were outside zouk for close to 1 hour. so much so that i just turned into parking and said i'll wait here till u come back. didn't feel like being in that jam any longer. i was hungry. and not having gastric problems, instead i get woozy and light headed when i'm hungry. and that developed into a massive headache. *sigh* time crawled on and it was 7 pm. our show was at 8 and 9. i wondered if the guys would get back on time. a funny thing happened. at around 7.30 i went out to make a phonecall and who did i see? mistah yogi b tryin to get into a party that i was performing at. hillarious. idiot walks right in front of me and doesn't bother even acknowlegding me. this is the guy that i trusted my future to and saw as my other big brother before and now accuses me of being ungrateful and still owes me rm2000.
james and size finally arrived at the party at close to 10 pm, after pat having shoved all the other events up front to make place for us later. before they did, my headache took its toll and i puked out all the food that they served that night at the vip area...
i went on after mc size did his single and i performed "legend of boo". the single is scheduled for release in december. by hook or by crook, it will be out by then... had a break for games and james performed his set. very nice. the girls love him. cleo throws great parties. especially ones that i perform in. *smile* later on found out that point was there as well. and that major areas in kl was flooded.
overall the show was good. went home and crashed.

2: bush won the us elections. the end.

3: sugar and spice and everything nice...
puppy came back! she's been here a week now and i almost did not manage to see her at all before she went back to her home town muar. for those who have no idea who she is, she's my really close friend who has been there for me even though she lives and works in the us right now.she's an absolute sweetheart... she's leavin back to ohio this sunday. i went out with her on thursday, hung out in mid valley, had a couple of drinks and i was just basking in her glow. she has such an effect on me. *sigh* if she read this, she'd say "paiseh". walked around, and then i sent her home. weirdly enough her auntie's house seems to neighbour one of my friends house. azlan cameron's house to be precise. funny coincidence. met her mom and chatted for a while and then i left. sad and yet happy. i'm gonna miss her so... wonder when she will be back next...

4: siti nurhaliza and gobi, budak rimba. *note: if u don't like siti nurhaliza, you may want to skip this story*
worked last weekend, saturday in alpha angle and sunday in kinta city, ipoh. both for the sunshine in our hearts campaign, where siti nuurhaliza sits down on stage with like 50 children and tells them a story. in the middle of the mall. the name of the children story is gobi, budak rimba. she is lawa. she recognized me on the first day and i said i'll see her the next day as well. what was my job you ask? i intro her to the stage. back her up if she forgets anything and so on. i was the mc.
kinta city was fun. arrived really early, around 12.30 and hung with my technician yau, until my boss arrived. had lunch, set up everything and then waited for the malaysian jusco foundation ambassador siti nurhaliza to show up.
*off tangent* kitty came by to see me, which was really nice. having not seen her for like a month or so, reminded me why i miss her so dearly. even though she went on and on about a pair of shoes she wanted to buy... *smile* wish she was back here...
siti showed up and told her story and off she went with the kids from an orphanage to buka puasa. after i helped yau dismantle our system, i went up to the buka puasa place, (kenny rogers) to say thank you to the jusco staff who helped out and they grabbed me and asked me to join them. i was politely refusing when i spotted siti looking at me and signalling me to sit down to eat. i obligingly nodded. managed to get my boss, his wife and yau the happy-go-lucky technician to sit down with me to eat as well.
siti is such a good pr. firm handshake. almost perfect artiste. and she was great with the kids...
got back to my place at 12.30 am. tiring day.

wonder if i've missed anything... oh well... can always get back to it another day. like my good deed of the month story. will tell it the next i come on again... *smile* later...


flying viper blades and rainy days...

it's true. my viper blade on my side of the windscreen flew off in the pouring rain just now and i was driving blind. stopped at the side of the road and got drenched while moving my other one to my side. then found the viper blade on the roof of my car. it had broken off. didn't come off. it freaking broke. and it's considerably new too. like 4 months old? oh well... more expenses for the broke guy... god and the hilarious pranks he plays on me... he has such a sick sense of humor i tell you...

its been raining all the time. got drenched like 4 times in a week... bad timing. i go out, it rains. i need to meet someone, it rains. i go to play in a tourney, it rains. i go sell cards, it rains... oh well... it's so depressing, and wet...

benefit of the doubt. i think that term so underrated. if only more people believed in it.

i believe that people are not evil by nature. i think they are accidentally evil. unless they walk up to you and stab you in the back and say, "have a nice day", maybe then yes, they are evil. but most people i know do it accidentally. even i do. i do things that hurts people. upsets others. do i do it purposely? to hurt people that i know? no i don't. i don't think everyone means to hurt. just that it happens.

but that doesn't mean that some things done are not bad and can be forgotten. they can be forgiven but that's where the line is drawn. no more. have some people in mind when i say this in particular, two idiots. let's not name names shall we? they know who they are.

do you do something bad and then justify it. by justifying your actions, it makes it ok do go on after doing what you did. am i making sense? i don't know.
do unto others what you want done unto yourself. i think that's how the saying goes... and i believe in that. karma...

been moody lately... too much of thinking in my head. was having chapatti just now and this girl was sitting two tables away from me alone, writing something while listening to her walkman/discman... she reminded me so much of my first girlfriend, gowri. the hair, the clothes, her eyes... gowri's married now. that's all i know about her now. lost contact since we broke up. she's the first person i kissed. it was on my 18th birthday. it was in my workplace, cellini design centre showroom in plaza phoenix cheras. seems so far away...

╫denial in place. will move on and not notice that mind wants to have a mental breakdown╫ later...

best laugh i've had for weeks...

sorry xennie, have to steal this from ya site. it's fucking hilarious!!
*i'm even breaking my own rule on no capitals on my blog for this. so enjoy it.*
dedicated to all my rpg playing friends...

Bloodninja: Baby, I been havin a tough night so treat me nice aight?
BritneySpears14: Aight.
Bloodninja: Slip out of those pants baby, yeah.
BritneySpears14: I slip out of my pants, just for you, Bloodninja.
Bloodninja: Oh yeah, aight. Aight, I put on my robe and wizard hat.
BritneySpears14: Oh, I like to play dress up.
Bloodninja: Me too baby.
BritneySpears14: I kiss you softly on your chest.
Bloodninja: I cast Lvl 3 Eroticism. You turn into a real beautiful woman.
BritneySpears14: Hey...
Bloodninja: I meditate to regain my mana, before casting Lvl 8 Penis of the Infinite.
BritneySpears14: Funny I still don't see it.
Bloodninja: I spend my mana reserves to cast Mighty of the Beyondness.
BritneySpears14: You are the worst cyber partner ever. This is ridiculous.
Bloodninja: Don't fuck with me biznitch, I'm the mightiest sorcerer of the lands.
Bloodninja: I steal yo soul and cast Lightning Lvl 1,000,000 Your body explodes into a fine bloody mist, because you are only a Lvl 2 Druid.
BritneySpears14: Don't ever message me again you piece.
Bloodninja: Robots are trying to drill my brain but my lightning shield inflicts DOA attack, leaving the robots as flaming piles of metal.
Bloodninja: King Arthur congratulates me for destroying Dr. Robotnik's evil army of Robot Socialist Republics. The cold war ends. Reagan steals my accomplishments and makes like it was cause of him.
Bloodninja: You still there baby? I think it's getting hard now.
Bloodninja: Baby?


Bloodninja: Wanna cyber?
DirtyKate: K, but don't tell anybody ;-)
DirtyKate: Who are you?
Bloodninja: I've got blond hair, blue eyes, I work out a lot
Bloodninja: And I have a part time job delivering for Papa John's in my Geo Storm.
DirtyKate: You sound sexy.. I bet you want me in the back of your car..
Bloodninja: Maybe some other time. You should call up Papa John's and make an order
DirtyKate: Haha! OK
DirtyKate: Hello! I'd like an extra-EXTRA large pizza just dripping with sauce.
Bloodninja: Well, first they would say, "Hello, this is Papa John's, how may I help you", then they tell you the specials, and then you would make your order. So that's an X-Large. What toppings do you want?
DirtyKate: I want everything, baby!
Bloodninja: Is this a delivery?
DirtyKate: Umm...Yes
DirtyKate: So you're bringing the pizza to my house now? Cause I'm home alone... and I think I'll take a shower...
Bloodninja: Good. It will take about fifteen minutes to cook, and then I'll drive to your house.
DirtyKate:I'm almost finished with my shower... Hurry up!
Bloodninja: You can't hurry good pizza.
Bloodninja: I'm on my way now though
DirtyKate: So you're at my front door now.
Bloodninja: How did you know?
Bloodninja: I knock but you can't hear me cause you're in the shower. So I let myself in, and walk inside. I put the pizza down on your coffee table.
Bloodninja: Are you ready to get nasty, baby? I'm as hot as a pizza oven
DirtyKate: ooohh yeah. I step out of the shower and I'm all wet and cold. Warm me up baby
Bloodninja: So you're still in the bathroom?
DirtyKate: Yeah, I'm wrapping a towel around myself.
Bloodninja: I can no longer resist the pizza. I open the box and unzip my pants with my other hand. As I penetrate the gooey cheese, I moan in ecstacy. The mushrooms and Italian sausage are rough, but the sauce is deliciously soothing. I blow my load in seconds. As you leave the bathroom, I exit through the front door....
DirtyKate: What the fuck?
DirtyKate: You perverted piece of shit
DirtyKate: Fuck


BritneySpears14: Ok, are you ready?
eminemBNJA: Aight, yeah I'm ready.
BritneySpears14: I like your music Em... Tee hee.
eminemBNJA: huh huh, yeah, I make it for the ladies.
BritneySpears14: Mmm, we like it a lot. Let me show you.
BritneySpears14: I take off your pants, slowly, and massage your muscular physique.
eminemBNJA: Oh I like that Baby. I put on my robe and wizard hat.
BritneySpears14: What the fuck, I told you not to message me again.
eminemBNJA: Oh shit
BritneySpears14: I swear if you do it one more time I'm gonna report your ISP and say you were sending me kiddie porn you fuck up.
eminemBNJA: Oh shit
eminemBNJA: damn I gotta write down your names or something

*lol* later...