and then there was one...

like seriously, who wants to read blogs anymore.(mine anyway) twitter n vlogs rule the world. oh and serious celebrity bloggers.

my star read my entire blog in a day and said "i see how lonely you are from your blog entries."


she also said "write somemore. i'm addicted to reading your writing."

hence here i am.

btw i am using a new keyboard today. cos my old one up and died on me. literally. and just like natalie tran i am wondering what the scroll lock key does. and when is it actually the best time to use your caps lock button. cos i press down on shift all the time.

i should add pictures. next post then. that one will be either from LA or the day before i fly off. and yes i said LA. how am i going there? by the virtue of randomly being at the right place at the right time and knowing the right people. the story of my life.

more to come...