the return of the crazy one...

And thus I have returned. Where from you ask? From oblivion of course. Isn't is obvious? I strive reinvent myself yet I always return to the person I am before.

Oh I'm also back from the US. Was in LA for three months. Told myself I will blog from there but nooooo.... I was in a form of bliss that writing was not my frame of mind. Though I learnt a lot from being there. For instance:

- it's next to impossible to find a simple photo shop in the US.
- buses have an accurate schedule which are available to the public so it's easy to plan your trip.
- only white people can be racist. Weird but true. More on this later.
- LA is incredibly handicapped friendly.
- to cross a road you use your legs and energy to do it. To stop for a pedestrian requires a push of your right leg on the brakes. Which one is harder?
- always smile and say hello and give everyone a benefit of doubt.
- the cold is annoying and the sun sucks in summer.
- being online is a necessity.

I'm sure I learnt more but can't seem to think of them now. When they come I shall elaborate.

I am blogging from my phone. I love my BB. Till next, be safe.