right now seems to be an exciting time to be me... 3 songs that i've featured in is in the charts and performing well...

wicked queen - dragon red featuring c.loco
- click here to vote for the song on MET10.
- click here to watch the video.
- a song that i featured with on dragon red's debut album "holocaust" is now seeing good airplay and coverage...

oh baby - anbarasan and anuratha featuring c.loco
- click here to go to their website.
- click here to vote chart position on THR Raaga.
- a song that i featured on last year and has taken off since their album release earlier this year...

gonna be alright(remix) - iz oiam featuring c.loco
- click here to visit his website.

plus my performance at seventeen magazines summer splash was crazily amazing, or amazingly crazy... if you were there you'd understand...


Blogger Midge Koh said...

CONGRATULATIONS ON YOU ALBUM! hehehe... anyways, you still owe me the coffee that we are supposed to have after such a long time!


2:18 pm  
Blogger Chapit said...

wicked queen?
i love that song!~

8:55 pm  

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