the evolution...

evolution of my handheld mobile phones has been a slow one. but unlike normal handphone users who tend to change ever so often, i tend to make big leaps every now and then. even that was a bit random. this, was my first handphone.

a motorola flare. courtesy of my sister who had gotten herself a new phone. this phone was amazing. you could throw it off a 5th floor balcony and it would survive the fall to make calls another day. i had it for a few years.

then the flare was having problems with the battery and also that small issue of the phone having trouble staying in one piece... (guess i have dropped em one too many times.) so i was on the lookout for a cheap but useful phone. (mind you in those days, 3g wasn't even coined yet!) so thx to my dear aishah, i bought this phone off her for like rm 300 and a few kisses. *smiles* i love this phone btw, practicality in its best. alcatel one touch.

once ammo was in its prime, sponsors rolled in. one of em was digi, who also gave us handphones as part of the "appear in the advertistment" deal. it was this phone. the nokia 8210. at that time, it was the phone to have. practical and small. now i saw someone buy it for rm60. then when the phone died on me after 2 years, i loved this phone so much, i got another one identical to it. that lasted another 2 years.

my darling of a sister, who works for mas was in the uk when she decided to buy me a phone. and this is what she got me. the nec 338. the bad part about having a phone that no one else has in this country is that when your batt dies, you can't borrow a charger, as what happened to me last year. my charger died! and i was borrowing a phone for 3 months till my sister got me another charger from, lo and behold, australia! and finally, when this phones camera died and the phone was starting to fail me, i could finally afford this.

the nokia n73. i am in love.


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