one more time!

more conversation pieces to kick off my blog entry...

tech supreme : so dude, this is the third time since i've known you that you've quit smoking.
maviceplaytoy : actually it's my fifth time...
tech supreme : and you start back smoking everytime. so why do you do it?
maviceplaytoy : once a year dude. i gotta try, numsayin?
maviceplaytoy : it's a promise i made to myself...
tech supremo : i gotta respect that.

yeah, quit smoking again... it's my fifth try in like 4 years. let us recap.

try no 1 - (late 2002)lasted 2 days
try no 2 - (mid 2003) lasted 3 days
try no 3 - (dec 23 2004) lasted 5 months and 21 days
try no 4 - (feb 21 2006) lasted 27 days
try no 5 - (jan 1 2007) so far it's day 4... *smiles*

let's hope i can keep this up. oh and happy 2007 everyone! late'a...


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