when the mist settles...

the single has been recorded.

now its mixing and mastering. gonna cost me though. 1 song would cost me 100 to mix and 200 to master. lets do costing together aight?

3 songs * 100 = rm300
4 songs * 200 = rm800
= rm1100

ouch... anyone interested in sponsoring this single? costs not included yet is cd reproduction and inlay design and print.

and yes...

*quote*December said...
But dude, isnt it a wiper? Viper is a vemomous snake, and yes, the overated car tv series too. :) Sorry, i just had to.

Word of the day :))

wip·er Audio pronunciation of "wiper" ( P ) Pronunciation Key (wpr)

1. One that wipes.
2. Something, such as a towel, used for wiping.
3. A device designed for wiping, as on an automobile windshield.
4. A projecting cam, as on a rotating shaft, that activates another machine part.
5. A movable electrical contact, as in a rheostat.

Nice blog, well balanced. Me likes, and oh, hi C.Loco.

thank you for pointing it out... it is "wiper" lol. if you wanna read the random entry, click here...

leaving for kuantan today for hotlink jom heboh. be back on monday... see ya till then... late'a...


Blogger Moeology said...

i wonder what a window viper would look like? is it a snake or wiper? sorry it's five in the morning and i'm contantly rambling on blogs of the people i know :) now i'll just go terrorise Emily's blog :D see you around man...

5:16 am  

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