been there, done that...

been away for a while....

1. went to penang twice in 3 weeks... while i was there, i
* went clubbing twice in glo and slippery senoritas.
* performed for the xfresh roadtrip and then got called on stage by moe and ended up jamming with him in a random rock gig.
* went to a beach party for some random ppl's birthday.
* stayed in gurney hotel, currently the nicest hotel room i've stayed in.

2. weekends are still booked with work. this weekend is dissension prerelease in midvalley.

3. second single is on the way to being completed. you can hear my first single here. click on my myspace

more on stuff later...


Blogger jasmin said...

i FINALLY get to listen to your single. i must say it's pretty good. but then you know that already don't ya? lol how have you been lately?

7:40 am  
Blogger lisha said...

that makes two... half a yr later and i finally get to hear it. =) i love the jap additions... supa kawaii! *peace sign*

ok enough lame shit. i made a new blog btw... if u wanna drop by sometime.

hope you're doing well dear.

10:28 pm  
Blogger sunsetdihatiku said...

ms.cage misses u.

9:08 pm  

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