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i miss my dad.

i bought that album on the day he passed away.

it's funny how for a man who i thought i wasn't close to, i tend to quote him a whole lot. this is a man whom i get my passion for sports for. for instance, he being a lifelong man u supporter and me being a liverpool supporter meant there is war in the house everytime the teams met. once, when liverpool won 4-0, he didn't speak to me for a week. and the last thing we ever talked about was football. it was the night before. i came back late and asked him the final score of a man u match. he said it was 4-0.

he was a great man. sad that i only see it this late. he had a weird way of telling me he's proud of me. like how he'd tell his friends that my nickname was mr dictionary. i hated it. but that's how he was showing me off.

or when i came back with 5a's for my upsr. he looked at the cert and said, how come there's no b's here?

i know that if he still was alive, my life would have been different. i probably wouldn't be where i am right now. makes me wonder how different my life would've turned out. i probably would've finished my studies. and gone overseas. doing computers and music. i could be married now. LOL.

my girl says that i'm a very helpful guy. i never really noticed. now i see that i get it from him as well. he helped everyone who asked. then they screwed him over. and yet he still walked on.

mr balakrishnan.

yeah... i miss my dad...


Blogger dalsh said...

dude u sound familiar...and ur from subang...were u in smsj?

8:49 pm  
Blogger ~~farah~~ said...

hi babes.... awww, sounds like u need a hug...*hugs*
it's really sweet of u saying the things that you did. this posting made quite an impact on me. tomorrow i'll go and tell my dad that i love him. thanks for that.

3:33 am  
Blogger playtoy said...

no i'm not from subang my dear doink...

more like kajang...

1:43 am  
Blogger Executorazmin said...

That's right, and I'm his neighbour in the next town, Bangi!

Okay, Hana, anytime now...

9:43 am  
Blogger dalsh said...

whoopsy crap then, sorry! :) I HAVE been told I'mma waste of time sometimes...ehe. ignore, ignore.

1:35 am  

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