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random person : so, what do you do for a living?
maviceplaytoy : i spend money... *smiles*
random person : spend money? i mean a job. what is your job?
maviceplaytoy : that is my job. i go out everyday and i spend money...
random person : how do you make that money in the first place?
maviceplaytoy : well, by having fun! talking to any hot girls, playing games with ppl, getting them to do funny things and making fun of em... mostly i just talk. also i jump around like a monkey onstage having fun, singing songs and that gets me the money too...
random person : so thats your job?
maviceplaytoy : nope. thats me having fun. my job is spending all the money i get from having fun... *smiles again*
random person : r i g h t ...
maviceplaytoy : *grins*


i am a socialite... got that word of a friend. never really saw myself that way. i mean i grew up being kinda by myself almost all the time so i thought i was a loner. well in a way i am..

i like my alone time... it lets me think and also dream. i'm a pisces... we dream way too much. but since i started living dreams on an everyday basis, it was much more fun thinking of em instead of making up new ones... *smiles*

then after getting out of social hell which i call high school, i started becoming quite social. i observed ppl and then molded myself conciously and unconciously into becoming an amalgamation of all social traits that i admired... now i can't go beyond a day without human contact. a huge change from my former self...

my girl says that i tend to start talking to ppl, even strangers easily. i used to be the shy type... *smiles* i guess what i am saying is, i love human contact. in fact i am addicted to it...

lets see, today started talking to the taxi driver, about raya and deepavali. after that in the lrt, observed this huge chinese family travelling together, and they seem fascinated by the lrt. the kids were anyway... found out that they were from perak and kelantan, after i started a conversation with one of the guys... then after i went to the shop, near my place, spoke to the guys that work in the cc... and that was just today.

so if you do bump into me and i don't know who you are or if i am an idiot and should know who you are but i forgot because i meet way too many ppl in my everyday life, say hi. because i would indeed love to have a chat with you. unless i am in a hurry, or if i am feeling anti-social. but i will try to be cordial. in fact you might just be the distraction i need to smile again... *smiles*


Anonymous Anonymous said...

*clears throat* erm... hi there stranger =P

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