guess who's back! (one more time)

guess it's time for a me to make a come back. *smiles* again.

not on a basic level but on a crazy level. on a level unheard of. to make myself known as who i am supposed to be.

just so that people know that i never went away in the first place.

that it took me 5 years to get back on my feet. 5 years of figuring out how do i get up from falling down. more like pushed down, though no one seems to see it that way. that my dreams were fullfilled, and then taken away. and i had to sacrifice to get back to a level of control. to be able to stand again. it's such a great feeling.

if you're reading this and saying, "but locs, you've said this countless times before! i am happy for you but what are you gonna do now to expand yourself?
  • by being less of a procrastinate?
  • by spending copious amounts money that you don't have?
  • by finally finding that priority focus that you have been missing?

the answer my friend, is blowing in the wind... *smiles* i've had it all along... now i know.

once i told a friend that life itself should be lived in moments. moments of briliance. moments of wonder. moments of romance. moments of decisions that can't be looked back upon with regret. that is what i seem to have forgot, in the pursuit to regain what i have lost. it's back to my saying that i used to use. one day at a time. with a wonderful twist. be in touch ladies and gentleman.... please do...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

good on ya. =)
keep in touch la.. lansi


6:53 pm  

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