mad bojo...

bad mojo the other way around...

was on xfresh fm last night with ida, the girl who sang on legend of boo... check it out...

click here...

my song was no 2 on last night's charts, amazing! and on hitz.fm malaysian top ten, it's no 3!

come on you idiot, come up with a good follow up song!!

my really good friend said that it is time for me to shine. hopefully i'll shine bright and make my friend/friends proud... later...


life is like a box of...

dunhills. it runs out very fast and when u have ciggies, u have no lighter...

legend of boo is now no 4 on hitz! amazing. never thought this would happen. even though i did want it to happen.

did some shitty emceeing job last weekend due to a friend asking for a favour... i hate doing that but i'm all for helping one in need though. it was in pwtc for this fair called mhbb fair. which meant my mobile, home and beauty bridal fair. why these ppl would want to put mobile phones, property and bridal house exhibitors in the same hall, i don't know. go figure...

i just got invited to too phat's double album laucnh this thursday at velvet kl. apparently i was in joe's personal guestlist(which probably included hundreds of others) and i was quite surprised to know that he still thinks of me as someone that should be there. i'm quite honored actually. looking forward to hearing this double album. wonder how much they have progressed. for one thing i know that they have finally started rapping in malay. always a good step...

when is my album coming out? pre-production is now in the works. it won't come out anytime soon, cos if it is gonna be my debut album, i want it to have quality. thank you to all who have supported me thus far...

fantasy footbal team still mediocre. must improve and overtake azmin! (though i don't think it's possible) later...

word of the day...

1. a return to formerly enjoyed status or prosperity: the film star made an unexpected comeback.
2. a return to popularity: wide ties are making a comeback this year.
3. the act of making up a deficit, as in a contest or game.
4. a reply, especially a quick witty one; a retort.

seventh heaven...

damn u tech!

seven things i plan to do before i die:
1. fall in love
2. finish an album
3. watch liverpool live
4. feature with an international artiste
5. drive my own bmw
6. earn a million ringgit
7. base jump

seven things i could do:
1. write hip hop music
2. emcee an event
3. renew my roadtax
4. kiss really well
5. make ppl laugh at me
6. judge a high level magic event
7. get recognized by walking around saying, "hi i'm c.loco!"

seven celebrity crushes:
1. marion caunter
2. claire danes
3. jennifer connelly
4. linda nanuwil
5. melissa maureen rizal
6. brooke burke
7. kristin kreuk

seven often repeated words:
1. fuck
2. what the...
3. shit
4. ooooh
5. okie
6. homes
7. siut

seven physical traits i look for in my partner:
1. "melt my heart" smile
2. cute
3. has more hair than me
4. sparkling eyes
5. naughty hands
6. nice body (gotta be shallow sometimes)
7. cute...

seven tags go to:
1. none
2. none
3. none
4. none
5. none
6. none
7. none (sorry, i don't forward stuff...)



the rise of the fallen he||star...

to those who has wished me well and to those who had voted for my song on air, thank you. legend of boo is now no 11 on carta xfresh 20 and no 7 on hitz.fm malaysian top 10.

random comment time!

anonymous said...
heard ur song. honestly, its only hyped because u been missing in a while. the song itself is no where as good as other local hip hop songs. just my 2 cents.

10:03 pm

anonymous said...
oh, by the way. the reason i posted as anonymous is because i'm really jelous of the success you've managed to achieve. it completely undermines my already low self esteem. sometimes when nobody is looking, i like taking my 2 cents, convert it into malaysian sen (so i can have about 7 sen) and shove that up my ass while screaming my daddy's name. anyway, all the best. anybody know where i can buy a good pair of tweezers?

10:34 pm

i like this comments. very to the point and this person actually had something intelligent to say... thank you. i agree that the song is not the best malaysian song out there but it is still my baby. it was written, produced, composed, engineered, financed and marketed by me. my success is not one to be envied. more like my lack of...

end of random comment time!

god loves to play games with me. and to those who read my blog on a regular basis would know that this is not the first time i've brought up this subject. it's like i'm on a syndicated sitcom on his tv comedy channel called "locoland" and everyday he turns it on to laugh at my life... and how he manages to keep track of my karma is beyond me. alas he is after all, the omnipotent one...

why do we lie? is it because we are afraid that the truth will make things worse? will you lie somemore to hide a previous lie? do you realize how bad the situation has become? why do we do something that will require a lie to hide it up? knowing full well that one day you will be found out, will you do something bad?

but if u knew you will never be caught, will it be easier to do/to lie?

why do we have self destructive tendencies? like when everything is going too well, we tend to start to look for the flaw. as though nothing can be this perfect. and thus we do find the flaw and something that was going so well stumbles... and then we regret even looking for it in the first place and yet we feel glad that we found out...

my heart is in pieces now and i don't think it'll ever recover...

"but i do know one thing though, bitches, they come they go,
saturday through sunday, monday, monday through sunday yo,
maybe i'll love you one day, maybe we'll someday grow,
'til then just sit your drunk ass, on that fuckin runway ho
- superman - eminem

i now give you this glass piece. hold it tight. it's very dear to me. only one thing i ask of you.

nothin else.

never let go.

and yet you do. and now the glass piece is broken. and it'll never be the same. even if u manage to find all the pieces of broken glass and glue it back together. it will never be the same heart i asked you to hold... later...

word of the day...
1.a condition in which all acting influences are canceled by others, resulting in a stable, balanced, or unchanging system.
2.mental or emotional balance; poise.


celcom/nokia 3g mobile apprentice...

i've been working for this event for the past 3 weeks, me being the roadshow host and paula malai ali and shamser sidhu being the tv hosts. quite exciting, made quite a number of new friends and learnt more about 3g technology...

the team that walked away with 20 thousand ringgit and lotsa other cool prizes was team raskals, two nice chinese boys...

and all the teams got 2 6680 each... and here i am still using a 8210... later...