be what may, if the gods wishes it so...

then that is what will transpire... who am i to f*ck with fate?

is it just me, or does this new year feel like any other normal day... just another reason to party?

i just feel normal... feel no reason to celebrate... how has my year been? mmmmmm... almost like the previous one as well. anything worth mentioning that happened involving me in the year? let's see...
- almost finished my single
- performed in x games on my birthday with my brothers band
- quit smoking
- started this blog
- met someone who is worth feeling pain for again...

to those who told me good luck with me quitting smoking, thx... and i am doing it because of me. just needed a catalyst. been wanting to quit for ages now. shortness of breath, chest pains, nicotine cravings... i started hating the dependency i had for nicotine... and the smell...

i really want to quit for good. but like rudy said, it's easy to quit, and easy to pick it up again... i think it's more like it's hard to quit, but so easy to pick up again...

i most probably will be performing in orange for new years eve... merry christmas everyone, and have a safe new year... later...

word of the day... (so thats what it actually truly means... *smile*)

deep and long-lasting sadness.

sad or depressed.

— derivateves melancholic adjective.

— origin greek melankholia, from melas ‘black’ + khole ‘bile’, an excess of which was formerly believed to cause depression.


Blogger colorful madison said...

happy new year :)

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