pleasant distraction...

a name of a card from the versus trading card game. made sense today.

as i played in the 10k tourney which i've been playtesting for the past three weeks for, the function room opposite us had the international tourism model photography session. definitely a pleasant distraction.

highlight of the day : as we stood there watching these lovely ladies walking around, the mother of one of the players stood besides us and were egging us on as we checked these girls out. the most cool part was this was a cool tudung-wearing makcik who spoke excellent english and was from ipoh! never judge a book by its cover!

cool-tudung wearing makcik : go ahead son, choose one girl!
son : mmm... ok ma...
me & tech : dang makcik! you rock!
cool tudung-wearing makcik : you want to choose one of the girls, choose someone near, like the thailand girl...
tech & me: now you talkin makcik!
cool tudung-wearing makcik : "ooh ooh ooh"(like the arsenio hall show chant. she even does the fist throwing gesture!)

at this point in the conversation me & tech just burst out laughing because it was just so random....

tourney review: (if you're not a card game fan, you might wanna skip this paragraph)
i went 4 wins 5 loss. could've done better. finished 44. out of 84. it was round 8 that knocked me out. i was playing against common enemy, the deck that has a 70% winning percentage against my deck(fearsome five/gotham knights). somehow i managed to survive everything he threw my way and it was turn 8. now to those who don't know, if my deck reaches turn 9, my win percentage is like 95%. turn 8. all i had to do is survive this turn. and it was likely that i would. then disaster struck. he pushed me into the attack phase and without realising it, my formation was terrible.(this means he's gonna open a can of whoop ass on me!) my bad! i let him rush me. then even at that, i could've done a major play! but i just didn't see it and proceeded to die on that turn. as soon as i lost, big yap walked up and told me how i could've survived! i was devastated! the game should've been mine! oh well... my opponent walks away mumbling "i was lucky". you damn right punk, you got lucky! till the next big tourney... btw, i'm quitting playing magic. just wanna concentrate on judging... maybe a few sealed tourney here and there.

had dinner in amcorp and then decided to go online in ss 2, where i am right now. got here and fell asleep in my car for like a good 2 hours? then my fav girl of the moment lena came over and picked me up to go do some chore with her friends tagging along. grace, pingsi? and samantha. nice girls. had a drink in starbucks before she sent me back to my car... it has been a long day. on a great note, liverpool beat newcastle 3-1 just now. cool...

to those who showed that they were there for me after reading my last blog entry, thx. and those who are still worried, don't be. this once in a while depression thing is actually good for me, i guess. it usually makes me stronger... i guess... *smile* later...

word of the day...
Desiring no more than what one has; satisfied.
Ready to accept or acquiesce; willing: She was content to step down after four years as chief executive.

Contentment; satisfaction.


Blogger Yanti said...

Hey Loco, How are you?
Thanks so much for posting a comment.. I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
It's okay about the SMS, i totally understand, currently I am in the same state. You take care ok!
Hugs and kisses! (under the mistletoe)

8:03 am  

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