and life goes on...

such a serious sounding topic don't you think?... that's how i feel like nowadays... was blog hopping just now and i noticed how young everyone was compared to me... not that i am that old, 27 is quite nice actually, but it is on the older side of things...

played in a magic tourney today, and finished just outside the top 8, at 9th place! aaarrrggghhh the agony... magic players will relate... btw, a malaysian, terry soh made top 8 at the worlds... good luck dude!

doing testimonials on friendster, something i barely do. don't know why but i'm not really a testimonial kinda person... just when i get in one of those moods, then i do these testis... *lol*

random story time!
lemme tell ya what happened at my nephews birthday party a couple of weeks back.

scene : aunties and cousins sitting around with me while i eat some chicken curry(was really good curry too)(i came late so there was no more rice) and then my auntie, who hasn't seen me since my sisters wedding 3 years ago asks me :
background : children running around, my nephew shin jin and his homeboys while my other nephew krtine is randomly crawling on the table

auntie : so when are you getting married?
me : i don't know auntie, i don't even have a girlfriend...
auntie : its ok, just tell your mom to find you a wife...
me : i can't even take care of myself auntie, how to take care of a wife?
auntie : don't worry, you don't have to take care of her, she'll take care of you! (chorus of laughter and smiles from my female cousins)

this auntie proceeds to repeat this conversation to my mom later on and she said,
mom : its ok, he's only 27. i give him until he's 30 to get married.

she just barely left out the or else! i love my mom. she's so amazing. yes lena, i will check my temper when i'm with her... i have the cutest mom any son can ever ask for...

ah well... wonder what i'll be doing when i'm 30... time to go a pondering again... later...


Blogger ms. cage said...

khad here.. ;]

12:49 am  
Blogger triona said...

freaky dude! well invite me to yer weddin in three years rite! lol! muahahahahaha

5:52 pm  

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