league of useless superheroes...

imagine you were a superhero, but with useless superpowers, for instance, the ability to read minds only when you're in the urinals(thx rudy) or spontaneous combustion man! with a one page issue... oh well... there's a few of us around.. i'm major droppings...

btw, tech's out of the hospital, not completely recovered but still out and cracking open magic booster packs!

i shaved my mustache off today, and god i look young! plus i never knew i had such a small mouth... pity i have no camera... birthday present anyone?
that leads me to the point whenever ppl go off far away for holiday, worktrip, etc and they ask me, what do you want ? what do i want? i want you to come back safely and bring me a "my friend went to *insert location here* and all he/she got me was this lousy t-shirt!" t-shirt! thats all i ask for.

i might have procured the services of an agent/manager for myself. she's currently waiting to see what happens to her current job. hope things go well. and i'm still waiting for the arrival of a financier for my single. started working on song number 4 the other day. using almo's production. no working titles yet. ideas anyone?

just joined the yahoo fantasy football thingie... evil banana's of malaysia... *lol* later...


Blogger lisha said...

*sweetness* i miss yoouuuu.

9:47 am  
Blogger Executorazmin said...

Superpower suggestions:

1. Able to tell from droppings what was had for the previous meal
2. Able to turn your skin invisible (yes, just your skin)
3. Invulnerable hair

4:32 pm  

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