happy movie marathon day...

wanted to play vietnam but apparently someone has screwed around with it so that we can't connect to anyone's server... *sigh*...

had a call from puppy last night, she going on and on about americans... lol... its so surreal listening to her, she in another world, a world i barely know, only from movies and tv, and yet she is right there and is living the american dream... so love listening to her voice... thank you for calling puppy, made my otherwise slow movie marathon day a tad more brighter...

movie marathon... started off with :
5.07 am monday morn - love actually : this movie had rave reviews from tech, even though it being a christmas movie/feel-good movie/mushy-gushy-stuff-u-should-only-watch-with-gf's movie and yet it didn't fail to entertain me with its sweet moments... (perhaps i'm a sucker for these movies, just don't tell anyone ok?) if you're gonna watch it, look out for the cameos, the stand in actors scene and the british accents... 8/10

proceeded with lotsa sleep... next up :
6.45 pm monday evening - u-571 : i've had this vcd of like forever, since the movie came out, i think, and only now i have gotten around to watching it... impressive movie... like the action scenes, claustrophobic to the max and is good entertainment... 6.5/10

proceeded with dinner with a sweet young lady *smile* and then :
9.56 pm monday night - say it isn't so : i had this nagging feelin that i've already seen this movie before and yet the urge to see heather graham was too much to ignore... funny movie and light entertainment, only for those lookin to pass time without much thinking involved... 6/10

running out of cigarettes, should go buy some soon... :
2.30 am tuesday morn - resident evil : i've already seen this movie and being a fan of the game, i love this movie. plus it has milla jovovich in it so... there! fast action sequence, guns, zombies!, weird mutated creatures, special squad soldiers, crazy computer, super killer virus, underground lab, hot milla jovovich with a gun, kicking ass... ah... just what a man needed... lol... 9/10

that was a good ending to the marathon... should do it more often, and this time with movies i've never seen before... started playing magic battlegrounds till 6 am and still my housemates were not home yet... went out for breakfast and they show up at 7... and then one of my housemates decides she wants to watch love actually... oh well, here we go again... later...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

eheheh, i did a pink panther movie marathon=D

1:54 am  

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