sugar & spice etc.[part deux]...

well now, apparently after reading the entry, the person messages me and says, i lost money, u were the only one there thus u stole it. wow! can someone say "elementary my dear watson?" who made this person hercule poirot??
btw i didn't accuse anyone else of stealing money from my ex's place, rather i just defended myself. is one not entitled to defending one's self when accused? thus am i pointing fingers at them? my answer, no.
and no doubt those involved have also defended themselves, thus are they pointing fingers elsewhere, i.e. me? my answer, no.
you asked what's up my ass? my answer, you.
and now i am defending myself against another accusation. i may be a bastard, tactless, accidental jerk etc. yet i am no thief.

i have learnt a long time ago that if someone has made up their mind about something, its too hard to change their thinking. i had so called "friends" who jumped side the moment trouble was in sight and didn't give me face or respect that i deserve even though i am, to them, a "friend". what does the word friend mean to u? i know it means a whole lot to me. as i said before, its a strong word.

now this person doesn't seem to consider even the remotest possibility that i might not have stolen the money. all i can say to that is that i don't care anymore. think what u want. i didn't steal the money. i could put that person's name, number, friendster profile, house address here and humiliate him/her. yet i won't, because 2 years ago, i was dead broke and that person borrowed me rm100. until today i remember my debts. i give that person face and will stop my ranting about this whole episode (hopefully lest there be more juicy stuff that happens). and when i have money i will pay that person back. bottom line: that person just lost me as a "friend".

maybe one day the truth about the matter will be out. until then, i'm just as clueless as everyone else... later...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OOI! Loco! aiyaah..my smoking partner! iskh... aku la YONG! bet u don't remember me la.. hmm..let me refresh your mind, im the guy that u taught how to share 1 batang of ciggie during macgic tourney..im telling you that technique is a kill at my faculty! khekhe.. anyway, didn't know you blog. Koi pun ader blog skarang...singgah la blog aku gaks..


Koi's: www.koiness.emopsychostar.com

6:11 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

*sean links loco*

damn, i didnt know that such blatant finger pointing still existed after you leave high school. no offence to your friend loc. but she couldnt have been less tactful about it at all, could she.

anywayz, heard from tech that u guys might wanna drop down to melbourne sooner or later. u guys can bunk at me and bens if you want . our house is next to a "ladies college" so there are some added perks.


11:40 pm  

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